Deposed Kings



  1. Deposed Kings
  2. Acknowledge the Demiurge in Me
  3. We Were Never Never Here
  4. Kabul


Deposed Kings

We have been cast aside
Progenitors of an empty stride
We are the deposed kings
Phoenixes with broken wings

The powers that be drove us from our homes
Reduced these walls to piles of stone
We are the deposed kings
Can't mend these broken things

And once you've staged your coup
They will come and overthrow you
And then you'll be left outside
Come join us, swallow your pride

Side by side, we walk a line
Guardians of a forgotten time
We are the deposed kings
Awaiting what tomorrow brings

Music and Lyrics: Syzygy Dérive

Acknowledge the Demiurge in Me

I am lost in this luminous cloud
That she weaves for her hidden shroud
But now they know and are coming for me
They will show me how to leave

She ignites the spark within me
And he is the fruit upon the tree
I create the world I see
And I acknowledge the demiurge in me

He appears in what is familiar to me
Voices travel across the sea
I must go but am afraid I can't
I am led by the thrice great Heirophant

Music and Lyrics: Syzgy Dérive

We Were Never Here

Look past those trees
That is where we were
On a day long forgotten
Just another Winter
You stood and wondered
What I would say
But I can't remember
It was just another day

The earth dried where once fell your tears
Through it all, none will persevere
In the end,
It will be like we were never here

We stood our ground
Decided what we want to be
Our forgotten dreams
Sleep in cities reclaimed by sea

The rain will make all metal rust
One day, we will all turn to dust
Far from now,
It will be like we were never here

Music and Lyrics: Syzygy Dérive


Stuck between the spacious skies
of worldly lies and lullabies
I will cut the cord
And run back to my holy fantasy
Where will I go when I disappear?
These blooms, they are wasted in our solemn years
Dry them forever in your sacred obsidian.

Float amongst the kings and queens
Inside yourself, the truth you'll see
You're made of a  a million rays of light
The darkness is yours if you wish to keep
The hidden realms beneath your feet
Guard them forever in your sacred amulet

Music: Jamie Reeves/Syzygy Dérive | Lyrics: Jamie Reeves

Recording Information

  • Jamie Reeves: vocals, flute
  • Syzygy Dérive: vocals, programming, keys, bass, and guitars
  • Recorded at Sabbah Studio June 2011-Feb 2013
  • Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Syzygy Dérive
  • Front cover by Scott Finch


Kabul - Single - Through the Unspeakable Vessel